For a Tomorrow
Free of Sexual Worry and Anxiety
“Creating happiness by enriching the sexual lives of people around the world.”
Over the years, the TENGA Group has done business with this mission in mind.
It was within this context that TENGA Healthcare was established in 2016 to solve sex-related worries and problems.
Working with various academic associations as well as experts and organizations in the fields of medical care,
welfare, and education, TENGA Healthcare strives to improve the sexual wellness of all people based on the know-how we acquired through the TENGA brand.
Sexual problems and anxieties can be an inseparable part of life.
However, before you despair or ignore the issue, there may be things you can do now for yourself or your partner.

For the elimination and alleviation of worries
For correct understanding and prevention of issues
Because society can make it hard to be open, TENGA Healthcare stands ready to face your problems with you.
Contemplating Sexual Well-being for Everyone
To eliminate or alleviate various sexual issues
To spread correct information on sex
To create a society in which sexual problems are better understood
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Developing products and services that support sexual wellness for the medical care and welfare fields.
Education and Public Health
Supporting and providing information on sex education, including public health.
Working with medical institutions to conduct research that helps improve sexual wellness.